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Local moves are usually defined by beling less than 4 hours from pickup to delivery, and can be conducted with or without an overnight hold.

Long Haul

Out of the area

When the travel time from pickup to delivery is more than 4 hours, Larger trucks are usually used and your items may be part of a load.


crossing borders

Whether you need a container or truck, We can help and guide you though all aspects of preparation, loading and paperwork.

The estimating process


If you are having an on-site survey, your surveyor will wish to be as accurate as possible in listing the items for your move and detailing your particular requirements. They will therefore ask a lot of questions, will usually need access to each area where your items are located and may even look inside cupboards and closets. They will also sometimes take photographs and measurements. This is all aimed at providing you with a reliable estimate of the cost of your move. Naturally, you may have questions too and your surveyor will be happy to help with these.

Your estimate should include the list of items to the right. There will usually be specifics such as details of extra special care items, all pick-up and delivery addresses, where known, date of move, insurance details and most importantly, an estimated costing of each part of the service. It is not uncommon for estimates to be revised as move day draws nearer and the customer specifies adjustments to their arrangements. You will be asked to confirm that the details specified in the estimate you accept are correct as this forms the basis of you contract for the move or other services.

Additional Support Products

Packing and unpacking

What we offer

Our packers and unpackers take tremendous care. They know the ideal types and sizes of containers for all your various belongings and bring all the necessary materials to fully protect your items. Small packs may be possible on move day, whereas larger amounts will need to be packed a day or two prior to moving.

Packing Supplies

Great results

Whether you are arranging your move with us or not, we can advise on the selection of materials for your move. Our movers supply blankets, wardrobe and picture boxes for use on the day. For a move into storage, such items may need to be purchased. All packing supplies can be provided at very competative prices.

Storage solutions

Effective selection

Your choice of storage solution will depend on many factors, such as the duration of storage and whether access to your items may be needed during the period of storage. We are able to arrange fully insured, short-term and long-term storage free of charge or may suggest a solution such as POD Storage.


Peace of mind

Typically, companies can charge thousands of dollars to conduct your moving project. We provide an effective service at extremely competitive rates.


Where certain items are especially valuable or fragile, we may advise that custom crates should be used. This is, of course, optional, but if required, we can organise these to be built and made available for move day at a reasonable price.

Customer Services

We have a dedicated Customer Services Team to deal with your questions. The Customer Services Team is your first line of support with any queries you may have.


Where items are an awkward shape, weight or size or access at pick-up or delivery provides difficulties, craning or winching may be the best option. We work with some of Canada's best providers, to lift and position your belongings safely.

Personal Dashboard

Your dashboard provides useful information and allows you to edit your moving project as you wish and to make payments and additional purchases.


Certain items may have to be disassembled at pick-up and reassembled at destination. This can frequently be carried out by the movers, particularly with standard furniture items. Occasionally, however, specialists may be needed for example with pool tables.