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Our job is to arrange for an in-home survey if appropriate, or obtain a telephone or online list of items to be moved and to introduce you to one or more accredited moving companies. We then provide a costed proposal from each of our selected moving companies, whose charges will be determined by its published tariff and based upon the survey (if made) and information you have supplied. We will not transport your furniture and household items ourselves. Your contract will be with the moving company that you select. Click the plus button below to find out more.

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Why use our service as a Moving Specialist, instead of searching for a mover yourself? Relocating can be a very significant life event. You will have plenty to organize, think about and prepare. Researching and contacting movers to obtain estimates can take a substantial amount of time. This is where we come in. We only work with accredited movers. Prioritising quality of move and compliance with current legislation, we obtain proposals on your behalf, at the best rates, so you can make a correctly informed decision. Click the plus button below to find out more.

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We have a great referrals program available to all. When referring a friend or contact for any of our moving solutions including packing and storage, you will be eligible to join our "Referral Reward Program." Every booking received as a result of your recommendation will earn you one referral credit which you can use to claim one or more rewards. The higher the credit, the greater the reward available, paid to you when the service is completed. We have a wide variety to choose from. You will also be included in our annual prize draw. Click the plus button below to find out more.


Estimates provided

Moving Options

Local & Long Distance

We specialize in local moves, but when a long distance or international move is required we can also help. We deal with long haul and export agencies to arrange your move to anywhere in the world.

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Full or Partial Packs

Our movers can provide full or partial packs (e.g. kitchen pack only). We can provide custom crates to protect your extra special care items. Please ask for your estimate to include this, if required.

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Packing Materials

Great discounts

We can provide packing materials such as wrapping paper, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, tape, cartons, picture boxes, etc. Your estimate can be given with and without this service.

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Storage Options

Local or Bonded

Whether you are staging, need to make space, moving local or long distance, we can arrange for some or all of your items to be stored securely, bonded or public, for any period from overnight to long term.

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accredited movers


CAM’s Certified Canadian Mover Program was developed to identify reputable, professional household-goods moving and storage companies where consumers can be assured of receiving services that are based on ethical conduct, professional competency and effective complaint-handling. CAM’s members can be recognized by the Association’s logos which are registered trademarks belonging to CAM. Members have met the Association’s requirements and have committed to CAM’s Code of Ethics. Namely

• Provide up-to-date essential business-related documentation
• Comply with Industry Canada’s Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers
• Bannisters and floors shielded by protective coverings
• Glass and delicate furnishings wrapped, padded or crated as needed
• Brand new mattress bags provided for all mattresses and box springs

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